Chow Baby!

Outside of Chow Baby!

Well college is officially over!  When I got home , the first place that I had to go was Chow Baby.  Chow Baby is an American Stir Fry restaurant that has the most amazing MOJITOS…oh yea and their food is pretty good too!  Chow Baby is a place where you can be as creative as your mind allows you to be, and I think that is why I like it so much.  The experience was heightened with the presence of some of my high school friends.  Most of us haven’t seen each other in 4 years so it was a great time to catch up.  We had some great food and amazing company.  I recommend that you indulge yourself in some Chow Baby if you can!  My friends and I have decided to make this a monthly thing so we can keep in touch and try out other great Atlanta eateries.

Chow Baby.....

High School friends

The Mango Mojito that I demolished

Delicious stir fried chow mien

Some added spice!

  1. must say, CHOW BABY is the best!

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